Vladyslav Bondarenko

Having huge experience with different spheres.

I was working with big international companies in spheres of online marketing and digital commerce.

For now moment I am opened for job proposals.

Striving to hold hand on the global market's pulse and worlds trends.

Higher legal education
Was studying in Dnipropetrovsk's Governmental University of Internal Affairs since 2012 till 2016 years.

Have basis and understanding of compiling legal contracts and documents. Had experience in opening, supporting, closing entrepreneur activity (private entrepreneur).
Took participation in international worldwide business conferences
Was as participant in biggest business conferences in the digital advertising sphere since 2017 till 2019 years in such countries: Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands.
Self-education in IT sphere
Was studied different tools for analytics, online researching, mobile applications, platforms, different marketplaces in the content of attendants and legal expertise, legal audit, market's share, profitability.

Job Experience

2015 - 2016
Specialist in digital field

I was practicing my skills in advertisement, social media. Was generated clients through digital advertising in social media.

2016 - 2021
Manager in legal researches

Was partnering with huge international market's companies in the affiliate marketing sphere, providing services in such business vectors how: websites, mobile applications, software development with global capitalization greater than 1 M.

2021 - 2023
Independent law researcher
Developed legal strategies, was leading legal service for marketing and analytics niches, as well as for social media marketing.and and

Got some law experience in website development for eCommerce and goods selling stores in the Europe and USA markets.

Was working in the Commercial Court for the role of inspector of documental providing department.
Also have some skills of legal audit and analytics.
Professional skills
  • Development, supporting and administration of legal and commercial activity for the websites.

  • Compilation of documents, agreements, contracts.

  • Commercial audit of counteragents, contractees, principals.

  • Understanding of IT processes in websites, mobile applications, marketplaces.

  • Intermediate verbal and writing English skills, that are improving continuously.

  • Organizational skills, project management, development.

  • Understanding of mobile application's market, development stages of different projects: websites, platforms, CRMs, marketplaces.

  • Cultivated communicative skills.

  • Leading the development process of the mobile application's with the next publication in to the Google Play Market.

  • Familiar with IT development and Law frameworks.


    You can hire me just contacting via email, or write to Telegram.
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